Monday, April 28, 2008


I have no stitching progress to report this week, since there was no stitching completed this week. So, no pictures of nuns yet Ennavic! :)

Instead, I got to go off to a retreat this past weekend. Just to put things in perspective, this is what a regular person packs for a weekend...

This is what a quilter packs for a weekend. (And I was one of the light packers) One person even brought her chair from home!

This is the road into the retreat centre. It's a wonderful place, in the woods and mountains. So, if you feel like a break, you can go out for a walk in nature.

This was our work room. There is another row of tables behind me in the picture. Can you see Owloysious and the Jane blocks in progress?

Here are the Jane blocks completed during the weekend. I caught up (again!) from the Jane-a-long and did a few extra to boot. I now stand at 48 done, 121 to go. No rows or columns done yet, but I've got 3 more for row A and 3 more for column 3.


Jacquie said...'s worth carrying lots of bags and stuff to go to a place like this! Great job catching up on your blocks, they look great!

Chookyblue...... said...

going away for the weekend this weekend and dread getting the gear organised but I will not need to take as much as