Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring showers

This is why no-one plants anything until after the May long weekend. Though it really helps encourage the quilting bug. :) I tried, but didn't get any good bird pictures so you'll have to look at just the solid sunshine. I was watching little birds swoop down at the bottom of that tree and pick up berries that have fallen off the tree. Robins and snow; not something I really expected to see together.

Despite work attempting to get in the way... I managed a little stitching progress. Much much better than the picture that I didn't post last week. (It was a creepy eye-less face picture). This one is a little funny looking, he looks like he has buck teeth.

I get to go off to the mountains for a quilting retreat in the near future. Yeah!!! They're a blast and I come back with so much done, aching stomach muscles from laughing so much, and a very tired body from not sleeping enough. It's like camping as a girl guide without the tents and hats. :)

I'm doing the take away project and racking my brains on what to do. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something relatively quick and easy to do.

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EnnaVic said...

You have done lots on that project. You are right, but I am still hoping for a Nun on the right *chuckle*