Sunday, April 13, 2008


I joined Judy's quiltathon this weekend. It was quite timely. I finally caught up on my Jane blocks for Anina's Jane-a-long. Yeah!!!! (Can you guess my colour scheme yet?? :)

The quiltathon was also perfect timing because Saturday was a sew day with my guild. Here we all are pretending to work hard. If you look closely, you can see Owloysious guarding my threads. :)

Not only did I catch up on the Dear Jane blocks, but I finished off this quilt top. No, I'm not that prolific a quilter. This top has been sitting needing just the border for a few years now. It's funny the things we let sit and sit and when we finally get back to them, find they weren't that bad after all.

Can you see the pumpkins in the corner? Those do belong to a prolific quilter. I'm in awe of all the quilts she finished each year. This one, she's getting ready for next Halloween. Can you see she has happy and grumpy jack-o-lanterns?


EnnaVic said...

Love that Christmas quilt top (are you surprised? *g* )

Michelle said...

Love your Hot Chocolate Snowman quilt. I have the same one partially finished. Seeing yours is an inspiration to finish it!

Jacquie said...

Way to go catching up on your blocks. Some of those are not easy! Don't you just love a quilt-a-thon!

Jeanne said...

Your Jane blocks are very well done. Is that hand dyed fabric? It's so pretty. Keep stitching those blocks.