Friday, May 16, 2008


Not too much stitching, quilting, or anything crafty happening these days...

We may have actually turned the corner weather wise and have +26(C) these days. Traditionally this weekend (Victoria day long weekend) is the first camping weekend of the year and it usually is miserable weather. This year they're predicting warmth and sunshine!

Work and homework will be keeping me busy for too much of this weekend, but some fun (crafty and non-crafty) is in the works.

I did get to do a little quilty shopping, despite no time for quilting (Yup, I know where my priorities are. :)


EnnaVic said...

Gorgeous fabrics - and I love the messenger bag pattern.

That warm weather sounds good too :) We've had a row of gorgeous clear nights - which makes for strong frosts and cold days of course. Lovely views of Scorpio, Orion, and the Southern Cross in the evenings though :)

Jacquie said...

Love that Swell fabric! It's important to have what you need on hand...just in case!