Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SSCS crafting

Let the unveiling begin!

Here is what I made for my SSCS partner Dawnie

This is the little ornament that I made for her from a pattern I found here.

This table runner was the main gift.  This was a fun project to do and when I was thinking of how to quilt it, I wanted something swirly to accent all the curves.  It was funny how many pebble quilted quilts I saw in the three days I was thinking on this.  I guess it just called to me.

Not planned, but I love how the back turned out.  I think it could even be a reversible table runner!

A few other little gifties found their way into the parcel.  This little seam ripper complete with travel bag is wonderful for separating blocks when chain piecing.

I also made these little mug mats.  The green one just called and called until I let it travel to Australia.  The red one made it into my 12 Days of Christmas parcel which I'll post on tomorrow.


Mary said...

You made some really nice gifts! The candle mat is just so cute!!! I love the snowman faces going around it.

Chookyblue...... said...

I love what you made for Dawnie and I know she loves it too.......

thanks for being part of the SSCS 2010.....another wonderful year..........

Wendy said...

I love this table mat. What pattern did you use.