Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Crafting

I did a little sewing for my nephew this Christmas.

I made him a little apron so he can cook just like Daddy.  This was a quick and easy pattern that I found here.

My friend's daughter very kindly modeled for these photos.  Isn't she adorable.

I also mad a little backpack for him.  This was also a pattern I found on the internet.  The finished product is wonderful and even has adjustable straps.  I won't post the link to the pattern though, it was really confusing and had a lot of errors.


Mary said...

I make (and have made) lots of aprons, many this shape, but I never thought of using Velcro on children's aprons. What a great idea!

I hope your Christmas was simply amazing. My youngest took the red-eye back home last night but I had four really nice days with all three girls, children and husbands for the two locals, and my mom. It can't get too much better than that!

Janet said...

I agree - she is adorable :0) Your projects are too and I bet your little recipient will love them.