Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Making

We had our guild Christmas party on last Monday, so I can finally show you one of the things I'd been working on during the Christmas Crafting Blackout.

At our party we do a gift exchange.  Each of us bring a little gift and we draw names to see who gets to pick first, second, third, etc.  When it is your turn to pick a present, you can take any gift you want, even if someone else has already chosen it.  The funny thing is we're all stealing these gifts from each other and they're all UNWRAPPED.  We don't actually open any of the gifts until everyone has a gift.  Some of the stealing back and forth gets down right hilarious.

I made this casserole carrier.  I figured it would help someone bring more tasty goodies to our potlucks. :)  I found the pattern for the carrier here.  The pattern was well written and it was a fun and quick project to make.  I like that it's basically a square so it accommodates many sizes and shapes of casserole dishes.

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Mary said...

That was a great idea and thanks for posting the link to the directions (which I obviously haven't read yet. It's really adjustable???).