Sunday, April 8, 2007

Finally Fabulous Finishes!!

Wow, April already. This time with pictures to show!! I figured out the camera. It was a good thing it was simple to use. The instructions and the camera are in Swedish (it was my uncle's camera) and I've packed my Swedish/English dictionary.

This month, I'll count any and all finishes as bonuses and my only real goals are to pack. 3 weeks and counting!!!! :)

The first picture is my sewing area. It's a little corner of the living room. You can see it beside the sofa and yes, it has also been known to double as the kitchen table. :)

This next picture is the top of mormor's blommar. It's quite a long table runner but my grandmother has quite a long sideboard.

These last two pictures are the front and back of the snails trails quilt I finished. Though all the guild members are probably sick of seeing it by now.... (Yes, I piece backs when I don't have enough leftovers to make a whole back. It's my method of stash busting.) They're backwards, so you get to see the back first.

Front of the quilt

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