Sunday, April 29, 2007

Object Lesson - Procrastination is Bad

I'm participating in a Block of the Month (BOM) with a deadline. Last Saturday was the day to finish block 3 and pick up the materials and pattern for block 4. All the previous week, each day, I'd tell myself that I really needed to get started on the block. Friday night, I was still telling myself the same thing. Soooo, Saturday morning at 5am, I finally woke up to start on the block. (My original plan was to wake up at 6am to start the block but I woke up early and couldn't get back to bed. Turns out that was a good thing) Everything that could go wrong, did! I started with a fresh new needle. Threaded the machine, loaded the bobbin, cut my blocks, and I was ready to go. I got 1/2 a seam done and the thread broke! This pattern continued for a while so I changed threads, still breaking!! Rethreaded the bobbin, still breaking!!! Cleaned my machine, still breaking!!! Though, if there was a market for lint, quilters would make a fortune. It wasn't that long since I cleaned the machine and I pulled out a brand new felt pad from the machine. I continued on with this pattern because the block *had* to be done that day and I was leaving the house at 8am to watch my friends kids for the day. Then, finally, the thread didn't break! But the needle did. UGH. It's not the best example of piecing, but the block is finally done. TADA!!

I learned my lesson from that morning and promptly started working this month's block. Much much better. No problems with the machine and the block is done! Yeah!!!

This last picture are the fabrics for the next project.... (And I'll keep you guessing for a bit.)

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