Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home Owners

Well, much much quicker than anticipated, we're home owners now. We started looking and found a great place and they accepted our offer! I'm still in shock. We've got a couple of months before we can move in. If I was being organized, I'd take that time to declutter and pack. But I think, since I'm still in shock, I'll get back to some quilting.

Still have nothing crossed off on the things I was hoping to get done this month. Looks like the list is longer than the month. Though, I've almost finished the snails trails quilt. Just working on the binding and I have 4 of 5 flowers connected on Mormor's blommar.

I'm working on the digital camera. Since things are a little more up in the air than originally anticipated, I think I may be able to borrow my mother's for a few months. :)

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