Monday, February 5, 2007

Guild & UFO Challenge

Finished the Purple & Blue flowers! Started working on the mortar in between the flowers. I've almost got the Yellow flower outlined.

One thing this blog shows, is compared to the other bloggers, I am so not a prolific quilter. But, I try to do a little each day. I'm really loving this handwork. It's so easy to have things setup and just pick it up while watching some TV, or waiting for something.

Tonight is our Guild meeting. Tonight we're meeting at a member's home for show & tell. I'm sure before the end of the night, I'll have many more projects on my wish list.

In our Guild we're doing a UFO challenge. It's really helping keep some of us on the straight and narrow. Finishing off some of our projects, working out of the stash, etc. It's be interesting to see if doing this challenge saves money or encourages more spending.

For our challenge, we've split into two teams. Each team is competing for points. You get points, depending on size, for anything that is finished (that you've brought to guild for show & tell). You get bonus points for completing anything on the UFO list you submitted at the beginning of the challenge. When the challenge ends in September, the team with the least points provides the food for our summer wrap-up and the team with the most points gets bragging rights. :)

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