Thursday, February 8, 2007


Wow. Life sure changes fast. I now have something to distract me from quilting. Might be buying a place to live. One the one hand, yeah! A place of our own. Sewing curtains, decorating, etc. One the other hand, gulp. A huge mortgage. How do other people manage with such a huge debt hovering over them? I guess you get used to it. Or remind yourself daily that it's not bad debt. :)

On the quilting front, I've got the middle of the table runner together! Though, I'm so inspired by all the other cool projects I've been seeing lately and the presents I want to make for my trip to visit the family that I'm having a hard time finishing the stuff I've started. And I really want to finish some stuff. Especially if we're going to be moving! I guess that's why we end up with so many UFOs. Any ideas on preventing the creation of more UFOs?

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Dee said...

Hi Canuck, I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate you on making the big step to homeowner. Good for you. And then for your question-- why do you need to prevent ufos? just enjoy each one and don't worry about it, the fun part is infinitely better than the worry part.