Saturday, October 31, 2009

Houston - Part III

Gee, I guess we all like quilts.

While at the quilt show in Houston, they also had a pieced clothing competition.  I recognized one of the outfits from a blog I've been following - Blue Birds of Happiness!

And here are more pictures of the stunning and amazing quilts. 

I love how they made this quilt more than just a lone star plopped on a quilt.

Swirly and twirly, is there anything more to say?

This one is teeny tiny.  I think it was 9"x9" finished?

This is a quilt, not a photo!

I used to think I wasn't much for the art quilts or the abstract quilts.  I think my tastes may be opening up more.  There were quite a few that caught my eye.

Can you find the turtles?  Lizards? Butterflies?

I just love the colours in this one.

This one was such a fun quilt.

Circles, circles, circles.  This one was even more amazing close up.  Actually looking at the details of the amazing work close up was a real treat.

I just love this bird.

This was another quits from the antique collection.  All of the quilts in the collection were in amazing shape and real show pieces.

My friend and I both said that this trip was a once in a life time thing but, you know what, we both want to go again!

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