Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Project a Month Challenge

Wow, what a start to the New Year.

Jacquie never suspected that the SSCS gift I was making was for her and she liked it!! Yeah!! It was so much fun when Donna handed out our elf assignments and I realized that it was someone's blog that I followed and enjoyed already. It was great to re-stalk her blog on a mission. Fortunately for me, Jacquie is a prolific blogger and she gave me lots of ideas on what I could do for her.

She very kindly gave me this award:

Thank-you. Even though it's past Christmas, I'm still passing it along. I'd pass it along to Donna but she doesn't like being passed along these sorts of awards, so Donna consider it passed along in spirit.

The other people that bring Christmas around for me every year are my Ornament Exchange group: BK, SR, and ennavic. We've been exchanging handmade ornaments with each other since 1994. Every year the most amazing creations find their way in my mailbox and over the years we've gotten the 4 most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. (In my unbiased opinion of course. :)
These are the beautiful ornaments I received this year.

These are the ornaments I made for this year. (Obviously I missed the memo that this year's ornaments were neutrals... :)

I decided that I really need to do something about that unmoving UFO list on the side of my blog. No sooner had I made that decision then May Britt and Kris announced a challenge for 2009 - The One Project a Month Challenge.

My first project for January will be this one:

It's sooooo close to done, it's sad.


Chookyblue...... said...

Hi you got it right........I don't like them but thanks for thinking of me........

karenfae said...

pretty block, but I hate paper piecing although I suppose you could do it another way, would be a hard one to do though.

EnnaVic said...

Hehe - I hadn't noticed the theme - you are quite right. The other ornament I was thinking about was almost entirely black - you may get that next year.

I have been meaning to post a note with photos for the ornaments too - just haven't quite made it with one thing and another but will try in the next week or so. At least before Feb!

Happy New Year :) :)

jacquie said...

thanks for pointing me to the challenge...i have to finish up those ufo's from 2008. you should see your quilt in my sewing room...everybody compliments me on it....too bad i can't claim to have made it!

Janet said...

Your Christmas ornaments turned out awesome!! - I can't even pick a favorite. Good luck with you UFO's :0)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey CJ! Looking forward to seeing these blocks in a finished project! Hope you're having a great week and finding some stitching time for yourself! Bear Hugs! KRIS