Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sew Days

My guild had a sew day this weekend. We're lucky to have this wonderful work space with great lighting and comfy chairs available to us. That blue square quilt in the background was one of our guild projects last year.

One of the ladies brought her cousin to our sew day. Her husband suddenly passed away almost a year ago and they are making 3 quilts from his old clothes.

 I managed to finish a couple more Dear Jane blocks.

And... Since Dear Jane wasn't small enough :) When I needed a bit of a Jane break I put these blocks together. The blocks are two inches finished. I managed to get the blocks together and the rows. Now I just need the border fabric and I can finish the top. This quilt isn't exactly my colours, they're a little muddy but I love the pattern the blocks made when they were put together and the price of the kit was right.

And, just to admit to the world I really am nuts, I've started the nearly insane quilt. Yup, certifiable.

1 comment:

Janet said...

I love the little "muddy" quilt. Also I love the fabrics in your nearly insane block - no you won't talk me into joining you :0)