Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Janes

I too was a little worried about the colour, especially after that first coat. But I'm loving that splash of colour more and more. (The rest of the house is very calm and neutral.)

Ennavic - I'm doing traditional colours for Christmas ornaments this year.... (I'll leave you to ponder which country's traditions for a while. :)

I've got two more blocks to add to the roll call. They're really starting to fly off the machine now. Though, these two also include hand applique. That was done at the third sew day (evening) with my lovely friend Janet (no blog, but interested) Please everyone tell Janet that she needs to start a blog and join us in our addiction. Plus, she really needs to post pictures of the beautiful quilt she's working on. (Hand quilting it to boot).


EnnaVic said...

Traditional colours - interesting :) Closest to Natl colours in NZ would be Black as in the All Blacks and our national obsession. Not very cheerful on a Christmas tree although a black and white thing could be stunning *g*

PS: Janet - start a blog. Even if you go through patches where you don't post it is a nice friendly place to lurk sometimes :)

Yvette said...

I just love the colors you have chosen for your Dear Jane. Your blocks are beautiful.