Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, I left my family behind and the other man and I went off to Victoria for the weekend. It was a quick little visit with my brother and sister in law. It was a fun visit but way too short. We went for a little tour of the harbour. Plus a tour of the quilt shop. Did a little shopping but didn't think to take any pictures. Here we are in the harbour.

This is my nephew Finley. Isn't he adorable!! I missed photos of Finley's favourite stop. We went to the marble slab ice cream shop. It was my first time and definately won't be my last.

These are the last of the gifts I'm finishing before heading across the pond. This table runner is for my granddad. The fabric in the rings is stylized trees and it reminds me of when my Nana and granddad used to come and visit us in Canada and we'd take them camping and fishing.

I also made a gross of notebook covers. These are for all the cousins.

I also made a SWAP deadline! I'm joining Donna's Christmas Swap. I've got a list of quilt shops to check out while on holidays and I'm hoping to find even more ideas while I'm over there. Though, I've got a couple already.... This will be so much fun! I can't wait!

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