Thursday, August 2, 2007

Guild Meeting

In my guild we slow down for the summer but we still meet. As you can see, we take our quilting seriously. Here was our last meeting. (Coffee at Starbucks). Can you find Owloysious with the girls? He's such a flirt. :)

In the guild we're doing a border round robin. We each submit a centre block and then each group passes the blocks around and each person adds one border to what they receive. I'm in a group with 3 others so I get to do this for 4 blocks. This is my block.

This is the block I get to add the first border to. It's a lot of pressure, you can end up setting the tone for the quilt. I hope she likes the final product. Unfortunately, I can't show you it with my border, some of my guild members read this blog and we're supposed to keep the borders a secret, so I guess we'll all have to be in suspense until the unveiling.

I'm starting to prepare for our trip to see the relatives... So, the important things first. Any good quilt shops in England or Sweden?


Sonnja said...

What a lovely block you made.
Kind Regards,


Chookyblue said...

welcome lucky last secret santa swapper send me all your, snail mail, email and blog address....