Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rolling into July

I'm on a roll! I've actually created some finishes. Yeah!!! Once that pesky BOM got ripped out and I got past needed to re-sew the entire thing! My sewing-block was lifted. Though, my sewing room has never looked nicer and more organized. :)

I'm now getting into the whole 'sewing binge before travelling'. Only 6 weeks and counting. Gulp.

There are sooo many things I want to finish before I leave....
1) Mormor's blommar
2) A wall hanging for my granddad
3) Journal covers for everyone
4) Bags for the girl cousins
5) Dolls for the cousin's children
6) Candies for everyone
7) My travelling companion (Owloysious )

And then there are the things I have to finish before I leave, like the next block in the round robin and the next BOM block.

hmmm. Oh darn, I guess I just have to sew and can't do any more house work... :)

1 comment:

Floss Quilts said...

Wow, that a long list, do you think you will get it all done in time.