Thursday, March 1, 2007


First! I got my very first comment! From Dee. Hi Dee.

She asks why do we need to limit UFOs? I guess we all have our limits and while it's good to discover them we shouldn't hide behind them. I have limits on the number of UFOs I can handle for a few reasons. Mainly space. (Both physical and creative) If I have UFOs taking up storage space I have less room for fabric. Plus when I go to sew, I see the UFOs around and they're talking to me. Telling me that they're projects I started and need to finish. If I have too many, they stop talking and start yelling. When all the shoulds are drowning out the creativity; that prevents me from starting something I'm inspired to do .

Plus, I just love the sense of accomplishment when I finish something. :)

It's March already. Wow. February flew by. I'm trying to decide if March came in like a lion or a lamb. It's snowing outside and has been pretty steady all day, but it's only -9 (Celsius). So, it's a tough call. I'll choose lion, just because I want spring to show up early this year. :)

Well, I didn't finish anything I was hoping to do this past month, but did taking on some unexpected projects. Most notably, buying a house. Yeah!!

I'm almost finished the top of Mormor's blommar and just finishing the binding on the snails trails quilt, so I'm adding another project to the list for March. Dolls! I wasn't going to make anything for my cousin's kids when I go to visit them, but then I saw this pattern... Another project is born.

Plus! I'll be picking up the digital camera either today or tomorrow, so pictures should be coming soon.

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