Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Jane blocks

It feels like summer is over. We're having quite the rainy weekend. I'd even turn on the heat if we didn't believe that you shouldn't need heating in the summer.

The good thing in all this, it's not too hot to quilt!

I've been working on more Jane blocks and now I'm only 1 block from caught up (H8)! Yeah!!

It's funny. When I was doing the simple cross in the upper right hand corner (J4) I kept rechecking the measurements. I kept thinking they're way way way too big. It's funny how quickly we get used to things. When I first started I couldn't believe anything could be so tiny.


EnnaVic said...

Goodness! I hadn't realised the scale until you posted that and I enlarged the picture to see the ruler down the side! You are clever doing such tiny squares.

BTW - do you remember you bought some sweet sweet sweet little shoes and socks when my daughter was born? I have just passed them along to a new owner - named Jessica Niambh - she is about 3 weeks old and gorgeous. I had been waiting for just the right person - someone who would appreciate them and finally along she came. Her mum loves them as much as we did :)

Janet said...

Nice blocks!!