Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness

Well, my crafting/creating mojo has left me for a little while.  I think that's what's been contributing to my finishitis.

Finishitis (n)
A common ailment afflicting many creative-types resulting in many partially completed projects with nary a DONE in sight. Not to be confused with its cousins Finishitupitis and Startitis
Finishitupitis (n)
A strange compulsion to finish partially completed projects. This is quite a rare ailment in the crafting world. If you ever catch this, enjoy it as long as you can
Startitis (n)
This ailment drives a person to start new projects as fast as they can, often without finishing their current project. It often leads to cases of Finishitis
In the wake of this persistent strain of Finishitis, I've decided that March is for creating without obligations. I'm going to go where ever the muse takes me, not worry about those pesky UFOs screaming for attention or if anything started actually gets finished.  I'm just going to see where the muse takes me.

So far, I'm a little surprised where it's taken me...

First it lead me to <gasp> my February UFO Challenge project where I did the sewing for the vines and the applique.

Now it's lead me to this cross-stitch kit that I've had sitting the cupboard for quite some time.  To me the image already looks obvious, unlike the Nun and the Penguin.  Though, since I know what it's going to end up looking like I'm a little biased.  What does it look like to you?

Anyone care to join me in this March Madness?


Mary said...

I love your definitions! I started something unrelated to quilting a couple of days ago. You won't even be able to tell what it is from a photo for a couple of days so I'll wait to post one when I'm done. This project will be easy and has a deadline so will get finished (finishitupitis). I love that word!!!

Janet said...

I like the progress on your blue flowers. I came so close to starting something new today - I was good however :0)

ButtonMad said...

Both of these are lovely projects - beautiful work.

cw said...

I told my doctor something was wrong with me several months ago. He said it was all in my head. I'm sure it was "startitus" back then, but it definitely has progressed into full blown "finishitis"!!!! I started blogging hoping to motivate myself into finishing things, but I've only made it worse!