Saturday, October 30, 2010


I got to go to a retreat this past month.  It's was located a short drive out of town in a wonderful location.  This is what we were surrounded by.  Isn't it wonderful?

Here was our work room.  We had plenty of table space with good light.  We were able to allocate a few tables as cutting tables.  One of the ladies had these great wooden blocks to place under the table legs to raise the table up to a better height for cutting.  Our backs really appreciated it during the weekend.

The theme of retreat for me was Christmas presents, so I can't show anything I worked on.  But I got lots of SSCS gifts and other presents mostly done.

So, instead, I'll show you some of the wonderful projects other people did.

This was a Nancy Halvorsen panel one of the ladies embellished with this great border.

This was a cute Halloween banner that one of the ladies made for her classroom.

Each retreat we make a little take away.  This year we made these little hedgehog pincushions.  They look more like hedgehogs once you add the pins.


Leanne said...

It looks like lots of lovely things were made at your retreat, the hedgehog pin cushions looks really sweet.

karenfae said...

good idea to put the height up higher for the cutting tables - I can't stand them short (only short quilters like short cutting tables :)