Wednesday, January 13, 2010

15 Minutes a Day

I started off this year with the idea to spend 15 minutes a day sewing. I figured finding 15 minutes in a day shouldn't be too tough, especially for something so enjoyable.

It's been amazing to see what can be accomplished with 15 minutes a day. (Granted some of the days turned into more)

This pile you see before you started the beginning of the year as two intact pieces of fabric. I now have step one done for all blocks.

And I even made a pretty good dent in step 2!

Last night I went to a friends house for some sewing and a visit, so instead of winding ways (above) I finished another Dear Jane block. It's the applique block here with the other blocks I finished over the holidays.


Kristie said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Love your blocks! You have a lot of your DJ blocks done! I sew pretty much everyday but sometimes it is hard to even sit down at the machine, like this week, I haven't even looked at my machine! :(

Janet said...

Your DJ blocks look so great! I like the X one. I can't wait to see the winding ways blocks together.