Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quilt Show - Quilter of Distinction

This year there were two special displays at the park.  An antique quilt display that was something special for this year.  (But went over really well and they had quite a few people indicate that they had antique quilts they were willing to put in the show next year, so here's hoping).  I was going to write it up and show pictures, but Mrs Sew n' Sew did a great job of it, so I'll just direct you to her blog.

The other special display was the Quilter of Distinction.  Each year a local quilter is chosen to be featured in the show.  This year was Aie Rossmann.

Here is an overview of the whole display.

The amazing thing to keep in mind when you look at her quilts is that until very recently she did everything by hand.

I love all the bright colours she uses.

This a a yo-yo quilt.  It said that she did all of these yo-yos on car trips.  hmmm.  I wonder how many car trips it would take to make a quilt.

I love this one.  You can't really see it in the picture, but her quilting is amazing.  Very tiny and very even.

This one struck me because it's quite different from her usual brights on black.  There were a few quilts here that took elements from her other designs and used them is really interesting new ways.  There was one that you really had to look hard at to recognize that it came from the other pattern.

This is one of her Affairs of the Heart blocks framed.  I thought that was a neat idea for stray blocks.

This is what you saw if you looked over the balcony.  Not quite what you think of when you see quilts. :)  Though, it was a great place to send husbands and kids. :)

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karenfae said...

Neat quilts - I don't know which one I like best!