Saturday, February 28, 2009

Allergic to Finishing?

I met some friends for coffee today.... at a local fabric shop.... :)

They were having a sale on batiks. I couldn't resist... I found two really nice reds and a maroon that I couldn't pass up. I also fell in love with this non-batik that I really have no project for. Yet! I'm sure I'll be starting on it soon. :)

I think I must be allergic to finishing things. It took me one whole month to finish a quilt. (Actual work time less than 4 hours. :)

Instead of working on the quilt I planned to finish in February, I started a new project.

First up - a super secret project, though didn't finish... (No photos to show until it's been finished and received)

Last weekend I realized that the end of the month was waaaayyyy too close. So I went to the LQS to pick up thread finish the quilt. While I did buy the thread, I also picked up this adorable kit. There is some stitching to do on the neutral fabric. I'll post when I finish. :)

I've also been on a bit of a knitting kick. I started these socks... (At least I got past the first one. :)

I also finished off the stitching on this little project I started last year while working on the penguin and the nun. (I needed something not brown to work on) I'm not sure how I'll finish this one, so it'll sit for a while now.

And finally! I finished something! (About two hours ago :)

It's very clear I need OPAM to push me to finish that last little step.


Yvette said...

OOOH, Nice finish! Way to get that one done under the wire. LOL

May Britt said...

I love ohio star and your little quilt is beautiful. Good luck in the OPAM draw.

Janet said...

It was a nice morning to go for coffee. Glad you found some fabric to bring home. Your finish looks great!!

EnnaVic said...

Love that little quilt and you are doing way way better than I do with the socks. They are the one thing just dislike knitting. Love wearing handmade socks though - go figure :)

jacquie said...

i'm having that same many things from 2008 to finish...and i keep starting new projects. good for you on your finish!!