Friday, March 28, 2008

The Week in Review

A more focused week. It's amazing what happens when you actually take a look at all those newly started & still unfinished projects all in one place. It really helped with focusing. I've now finished off the last of the hexagons and have most of them blocked.

This one, I'm not sure if it counts as a newly started project or not. In the previous picture it was a long scarf-like object. It's the first time I've purchased yarn not knowing what I'd do with it. I really don't think I'll do that again. This is the 4th attempt at doing something with it. I'm making a shawl. I saw a pattern for a prayer shawl in the book 'Back on Blossom Street' and thought it'd be a good idea for my Grandmother, since there is no way those socks are going to be done in-time for her birthday in April.

I'm also making pretty good progress on this picture. Though, not a lot of it is showing up this week. This week was lots of cream on cream. Any guesses on what it is yet?


Anonymous said...

See please here

EnnaVic said...

Nuns or penguins?

No - I'm seriously hopeless at deciphering embroidery when partly finished.

Enjoyed seeing your woolen projects on the go.

Have a good week :)