Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sew Days

I've been really fortunate lately. At work, I've been playing the will I/won't I go travelling for business. At the last minute, I found out that I wasn't travelling. That means I get to go for a sew day!!

I've also recently been on a retreat with my guild. It was a blast. We got to spend the whole day sewing, some time shopping at a really great quilt shop, and stayed at a B&B with great service and food.

Here is Owloysious checking out the sewing.

I've been finishing a few things, but have entered the sewer's black out period (Christmas) so there isn't much to show. I can show you the ornaments I made for the ornament exchange. Each year, since 1994, I've been exchanging handmade ornaments with 3 other people. I'm now very lucky and have a tree full of beautiful handmade ornaments. Yes, I still have yet to finish mine off. It's funny how a deadline really helps to motivate the finishing.

I did however finish this quilt. A queen size no less! It's a crazy nine patch pattern made from all sorts of scraps that I had in the stash. (well, plus a few extras) You'll also see the Christmas tree without the ornaments. It's our first Christmas in the new place and our first time hosting Christmas! I couldn't resist putting up the tree as soon as it made it's way home, even if it is too early. The ornaments are slowly migrating to the tree. I'll post a picture when the migration is complete.

My Secret Santa parcel is on it's way! I can't post anything, my swap partner doesn't want to see it. But I can't resist a hint.... Big P, little P, what begins with P.


Tracey in CT said...

Your little Christmas ornaments are very pretty!
I love your little owl, he is so sweet!!
Thanks for your nice comments about the quilts on my blog!
I can't wait to open my Christmas gift, but hubby has it well hidden so I'm not tempted to look at it ahead of time!!!

EnnaVic said...

Is it my imagination or is your tree looking a little bare in that photo?

I have an admission to make - I have just pinched the photo of the 3 ornaments as when I went to take one of our one it had wandered away. I think a 4yo mischief may have put it somewhere and I can't for the life of me find it although I am sure it will turn up again at some stage! Hmmm :)


PS: Now don't go tracking my blog down until your ornament arrives. Steve's arrived here _3 days_ after he posted it!!! Unbelievable!